BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS Atlanta) – The findings of a recent study indicate that a record number of women are giving birth to test-tube babies throughout the United States.

The study, based on statistics collected by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology in Birmingham, Ala., found that, in 2012, 165,172 in-vitro fertilization procedures were performed, which led to the birth of 61,740 babies.

In all, infants that started as test-tube babies accounted for more than 1.5 percent of all babies born that year.

Additionally, compared to 2011, a total of approximately 2,000 more babies were born due to in-vitro fertilization.

Researchers involved in the study also noted that the average age of first-time mothers is higher than it has been in the past, with most women giving birth around age 26. In 1970, the average age was 21.4 years, according to Tech Times.

Experts told the website that in-vitro fertilization is most effective on patients who are below the age of 35.

“It’s important for people to understand that women over 35 have the highest percentage of failures,” Miriam H. Zoll, an author as well as an international health and human rights advocate, was quoted as saying. “[T]hese treatments have consistently failed two-thirds of the time since 1978, [the same year that the first test-tube baby was born].”


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