With the impending ice and snow storm set to hit the metro area, Georgia Power spokesman Brian Green offered these suggestions to prepare for and deal with an outage:

– Charge your cel phone batteries and make sure flashlights have enough extra batteries as well.

– If you can, secure a radio that operates on batteries so that you can stay abreast of outages in your area.

– Avoid opening and closing your refrigerator if you lose power. A freezer can general keep foods frozen 36 to 48 hours if the door remains closed.

– Disconnect and/or turn off the appliances you were using when the power went out. (But it’s OK to leave one light on so you’ll know when the power is restored).

And “the number one thing we want to stress to our customers is safety,” Green concluded. “If you think there is a downed wire near your home due to ice or snow, don’t try to move it or touch it. We recommend that you contact Georgia Power or your local authorities immediately.”


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