ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Women percieve men with wider faces to be more attractive and dominant, say researchers. They also found that women associate a wide face with higher levels of testosterone.

The study found that women looking for a short-term hookup prefer guys that look like Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, and David Beckham rather than Adam Levine or Jake Gyllenhaal.

Researchers observed over 150 men and women between the ages of 18 and 32 during several speed dating events. They found that men with wider faces were rated as more attractive and dominant by the female participants.

The study also found that women would not like to consider this type of men for a long-term relationship because wide faces are associated with negative traits like aggression.

“Our study shows that within three minutes of meeting in real life, women find more dominant, wider-faced men more attractive for short-term relationships, and want to go on another date with them,” Katherine Valentine of Singapore Management University and lead author on this study told AFP ReflexNews.

Researchers used computer software to measure the men’s facial width.

The study was published in Psychological Science.


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