Today on Too Much Truth, Derrick Boazman attended the press conference of Bernice King in regards to the selling of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Nobel Peace Prize and Bible. To get you up to speed, last week the King brothers filed a lawsuit, asking the judge to force Bernice King to release the items so that they could sell it to an unknown buyer. The court documents stated that “It is in the public interest … to uphold and enforce valid contracts and to allow the [King estate] to fully exercise its rights of ownership.”During the press conference at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Bernice stated that she no longer wanted to be grouped with her brothers…

“I am not my brothers. I do love them, but we are different people and that should be respected,” Bernice King said. “I love them dearly. I love Martin and Dexter, but we are different people, with different minds and different ideologies and most importantly, different relationship with God.”

Neither of the brothers have publicly commented on the lawsuit. DB will continue to keep you updated as the story continues to develop.


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