A story we’ve been following on “Real Talk with Rashad Richey” since Saturday, February 1st : The Majestic Lodge has been forced to evict families (including children) recently for various code violations. The Fulton County government has a written agreement in place to provide full rental assistance for 3 months to those who qualify. Residents and a local nonprofit, Giving A Hand, Inc., claim Fulton County is not adhering to the agreement. Residents have been displaced and accuse Fulton County of not returning their many calls. After Richey spoke with elected officials, as well as county staffers, and providing extensive coverage during Tuesday’s morning show, Fulton County stopped by the Majestic Lodge to do a FULL assessment that same morning. During Wednesday’s morning show with Richey, Fulton County assured us that they will fully comply with the agreement and house all families who qualify. Dr. Harris, Director of Health Services for Fulton County, was in-studio and answered tough questions today hoping to provide a sense of confidence that Fulton County will honor the written agreement. Richey gave the Majestic Lodge a visit yesterday and spoke to management and residents alike. Fulton County will now have someone from the government visit the property daily and monitor this situation more closely. According to Dr. Harris, all families will have adequate housing and those who have been displaced will be able to benefit from the same aforementioned agreement. Real Talk with Rashad Richey will closely monitor this situation and report any updates that may occur in the near future.  Click the link below to hear the interview between Richey and Ms. Harris:


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