Put’em Up
How can anyone say that lst nights performance does’nt matter when it comes to Peyton Manning’s legacy. The season does’nt end with the play-offs starting the season ends with a Superbowl win, anything less when your the BEST REGULAR SEASON QB IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME IS A FAILURE. I dont understand how Manning gets a pass for play-off losses. In all but two of his play-off losses he has thrown at least 1 pick. Last night he threw 2.

(credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Now those who are defending Manning are saying the only way Super Bowl XLVIII was going to affect Peyton Manning’s legacy is if he’d led the Denver Broncos to a victory. Because he didn’t, Manning’s legacy is no different than it was entering 2013. It’s the same as it was when he signed with the Broncos a little less than two years ago. NO IT IS NOT! YOU WERE THE NUMBER 1 SEED AND WON THE AFC. For now, Peyton Manning will go down as an all-time great NFL quarterback who came up small when the stakes were the biggest. Dukesism- WHEN IT MATTERS MOST!

His regular season dominance will never be in doubt. The playoffs are the question mark at this point in his career. Failing last night again sustains that conversation. I am hoping that the Seahawks will get their respect. I hope we’ll remember this as a dominating Seattle Seahawks performance, not another Peyton Manning clunker which is what it was.

5. Seattle Seahawks (6-1)

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