By Rob Hamilton / 92-9 The Game / CBS Sports Atlanta

We’ve all done it.

Something stupid around the house. You know, like trying to hang up a picture on the wall and driving a nail or screw into a pipe instead of a stud.

Or screwing nine three inch screws into a drain pipe in the wall thinking it’s a stud. I actually just did this.

Or falling through the ceiling because you missed the joist with your foot while you are in the attic. My wife just actually did this.

Well, it seems to be going around where we live in Roswell.

One of our “neighbors”, one Mr. Chipper Jones (ok he lives in Roswell too, so we call him a “neighbor”), was performing one of the dirtiest of home tasks (aside from cleaning out the litter box) when screwed up.

Big time.

He cleaned out the ashes from what I imagine was a very toasty fire as it was 16 degrees outside here in Atlanta last night and took them outside to dump them.

What he did NOT do, was check to make sure they were all out or pour water on them. SO he set the woods on fire.

Our mighty Roswell Fire Department responded and all is well, but I imagine Chipper was more embarrased than that time he took the mound to throw out the first pitch this past season and none of his old teammates would come out to catch for him.

OUCH! I didn’t mean to go there. After all, we are now brothers in home ownership / DIY / screw-upness.

All kidding aside, I do love some Chipper Jones. Miss you #10 and pour some water on those ashes next time!


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