Lots of Georgia Bulldog fans have been calling for Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham’s head for awhile now… LOTS of them… for a LONG time…

Well, it looks like they are getting their wish. Grantham is not being fired, in fact the school “retained” him only a month ago.

And this is where it gets interesting.

Louisville just hired Bobby Petrino as it’s new Head Coach last week. Yep, the very Bobby Petrino that is universally hated in the state of Georgia for walking out on the Falcons in the middle of the season after the Michael Vick fiasco unfolded.

So, it looks like Bulldog fans in Georgia are in a quandary.

Their hated Coach Bobby Petrino just did them a solid and hauled off DC Todd Grantham for them.

Did it make up for the Falcons sneak off? Or is it enough to now call it a truce with Petrino? Or is it a wash?



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