That’s right. You read it correctly. Nick Saban and Alabama plus Urban Meyer and Ohio State equals 0 – 4.

Alabama started this incredible streak on Nov 30th with the miracle loss to Auburn in the now famous most incredible finish of all time Iron Bowl. But surely that was just a hiccup in the master plan and Alabama would come out breathing fire and seeking revenge on poor Oklahoma in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Right?

“Not so fast” as Lee Corso would say. Stoops and Oklahoma came at Alabama with speed, and lots of it. The big uglies found themselves in the same position they were in at the end of the Auburn game ironically. They were once again not prepared for the speed of what was happening on the field, but this time over the course of the game instead of all in 8 seconds.

That leaves Nick Saban and Alabama 0-2 since Nov 30th.

As for Urban Meyer and Ohio State, until Dec 7th they were an astounding 24-0 together. Undefeated. Never been beaten. Would it ever end?


On Dec 7th, Urban Meyer and “the” Ohio State as it’s many alum in the NFL like to refer to it, were beaten by rival Michigan State in the 2013 Big Ten Conference Championship game 34-24. Not on a last second “kick six”, or field goal or interception. They were just beaten. The streak had come to an end.

And then a short few nights ago, on a beautiful night in Miami, Ohio State ran into a Clemson Tiger team with something to prove. Not to mention that the last time these teams met, in the 1978 Gator Bowl, the legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes punched a Clemson player in the throat and was fired the next day.

Yes, PUNCHED a Clemson player in the throat.

So Clemson came at Ohio State “with their heads on fire”. You all know that Clemson beat them 40-35 in an epic, thrilling, possibly best of the bowl season Orange Bowl.

So now Urban Meyer and Ohio State, after going 24-0, are now 0-2 since the beginning of December 2013.

I personally never thought the day would come when I’d be saying these words, but Nick Saban’s Alabama and Urban Meyer’s Ohio State are a combined 0-4 since the beginning of December 2013.



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