By Rob Hamilton / 92-9 The Game / CBS Atlanta

According to reports today and leaked emails, the Mayor’s office was in emergency mode as emails were fired off back and forth about the leak of the Braves move to Cobb County and the “beating” the Mayor’s office was taking on the Internet.

In one of the emails, from Hans J. Utz, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at City of Atlanta, to Carlos A. Campos, Interim Director Of Communications for the Office Of Mayor Kasim Reed, Utz asks:

“My thoughts:

#6: they are still the Atlanta Braves. They are not going to call themselves the Cobb Crackers, or the Smyrna S**tholes. They will still be the Atlanta Braves, and that is an indication of the value of the city.

#7: Hotel motel tax is designated by STATE law, which I think is an important distinction. We do not control the levers to change it.

That is all. Though I do like the ring of the Smyran S**tholes.

Sent from my iPad”

The reply from Campos reads:

“Er, I will edit appropriately. 🙂 Thanks for your help today.”

Then Utz replies:

“Are you saying that you will not allow me to say ‘Smyrna S**tholes’ on national TV? Cause I am all geared up for it. I might actually compose a poem or some form of haiku to express my thoughts:

The Braves might leave us
Becoming the Cobb Crackers
I feel bad for them

There’s more where that came from. Sadly.




The timeline of who knew what and when is still very fuzzy, but one thing is clear… the use of the racial slurs in the responses was inappropriate and is being dealt with.

Utz was suspended without pay earlier this week according to the Mayor’s office. Conveniently just ahead of this release of information.


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