ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – According to a new study, men who drink wine up to three times per week create stronger sperm.

Researchers from the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz, Poland, were able to find evidence that contradicted an earlier study in the U.K. that showed alcohol and tobacco did not impact sperm health.

Participants in the Polish study who drank wine in moderation regularly had stronger sperm.

The researchers also found that more leisure time, light coffee drinking, and wearing boxer shorts also helps improve sperm.

They did find that using a cell phone for at least 10 years can help reduce the strength of sperm.

“The results of the study suggest that lifestyle factors may affect semen quality,” the researchers wrote in their study.

The study was published in Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine.

The Centers for Disease Control defines moderate drinking for men as two drinks per day.

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