I call cars like this the original Sports Utility Vehicles….you know….way back before everyone decided that they had to sit higher than the next guy.

Sport?   Sure.    Just scroll down and look at the pictures.   You’ve got a low-slung two-door hatchback that looks fast and confident just sitting there.

Utility?   Yes, again.   It’s that hatchback thing.    Throw the rear seats down and throw in ( most of ) a bicycle, skis, fishing poles, even most of a small kayak….or just go crazy at the mall.    There’s 34.5 cu. ft. of cargo room back there with the seats down….roughly twice what you’ll find in the average trunk.

Scion has freshened the ’14 Scion with a little more aggressive front and rear-ends, a bit more upscale interior, new 18” alloys, and either a 6-speed stick or automatic.   If you go with the auto, it’ll change gears twice as fast as before, and has a rev-matching feature which gives the throttle a quick little “blip” upon downshifting.

Scion has some of the youngest drivers of any brand…and vehicles like the tc are one of the reasons why.

Visually attractive, fun-to-drive, functional and economical to operate….all starting at 21K.  Hello?

The ’14 Scion tc has a 2.5 liter, 179 HP four that provides more than adequate “go”….on regular gas.   It’s rated at 23 city and 31 highway.

The two-door hatch configuration will seat four comfortably, altho’ 6-footers will feel a little challenged in the rear.    Getting there is relatively easy, though, as the drivers’ seat slides forward and remembers it’s original setting when slid back.

And once in the rear, passengers there have their own separate moonroof…just for them!

A 6.1” audio touchscreen handles your AM / FM / and HD…offering a choice of more pre-set stations than the average person will ever need.

At $21,000 with automatic, Scion’s tc offers singles, couples, and empty-nesters a fun, functional and economical alternative to today’s SUV!



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