Time off during the holidays does wonders for my motivation…not to mention so much has been happening in the auto industry in the last month.

According to an article in the Associated Press on December 3, 2013, “Americans proved that they’re head over heals about small sport utility vehicles.” For the month of November 2013, sales are up 9% over this same time last year. The auto industry managed to put 16.4 million new cars and truck on the road last month and small SUV’s appear to be the vehicle of choice this year.

Also,in an effort to end the year on a high note and to keep up with Toyota, Honda has implemented an aggressive incentive program to their dealers that can earn the dealer an additional $3000 for new Honda’s sold in December 2013. This incentive for the dealer will translate to savings for anyone buying a new Honda before year-end. For more information about what that means to you click here.

If dealer discounts alone, aren’t enough to get you into the dealerships and you’re like some of the AutoNsider listener’s, maybe the manufacturer’s impact on our communities could help in your decision-making process. Two weeks ago, a listener called in to the show and wanted to know what Kia, in particular, was contributing to the community and suggested that Kia consider doing what the big three (Ford, GM, Chrysler) do in Detroit and implement apprenticeship programs in their U.S. plants. After the show, I felt it my duty to find what, if anything, Kia and other’s were doing and to my surprise, Kia has been making an impact in our schools nationwide and specifically in Georgia.

From the Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia website, here’s the first line of a newsletter dated November 19, 2013, “On Tuesday at the Kia Georgia Training Center, Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc. (KMMG) presented the second of three $300,000 contributions (totaling $900,000) to the SAE Foundation that will be used to continue impacting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in Troup County through 2014.” To read more about what Kia is doing in West Point and Troup County click here.

Finally, on today’s show, we talked about that annoying light on the dashboard of many new cars that illuminates when your tire pressure changes. Don’t dismiss the light as just an annoyance though, it could prevent you from changing a flat on the side of the road. Be sure to check your tire pressure after your car has been sitting (preferably overnight) and maintain the proper air pressure in accordance with the manufactures recommendation that is printed on the driver’s door jamb of most cars. Sometimes the light comes on when the weather changes and other times your tire may be losing air because some foreign object penetrated the tire. Go here for tips on when to replace a damaged tire rather than having it fixed.

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