DeKalb County Offers “Slave” As Occupation On Juror Questionnaire

Atlanta, Ga (WAOK)- About a month ago, DeKalb County Court potential jurors were given a new way to fill out the required questionnaire that evoked at least one question: Is “slave” an occupation?

Well it was listed as one, until it was brought to DeKalb County officials’ attention Monday.

Some context: Possible jurors in DeKalb County had long been required to fill out questionnaires by hand, and mail them to the courthouse. Then reportedly a month ago, a supposedly easier version was offered online.

WXIA-TV learned that when someone got to the portion in the questionnaire where they were supposed to enter their occupation, they selected “s” for “sales” – and got “slave.” Court Administrator Cathy McCumber told WXIA that the questionnaire is based on a 13-year-old internal list, adding that she wasn’t sure if “slave” had always been on the 62-page list of occupations, or if it was added before it went online.

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