Rick Kamla and Jamie Dukes began their show on Friday by discussing the Falcons loss to the Saints on Thursday night and right away Jamie Dukes dropped a bombshell.

Jamie says “Matt Ryan is simply ‘not that guy’. At the end of the Georgia-Auburn game Aaron Murray took the team on his shoulders and dove head first into the endzone. Aaron Murray IS ‘that guy’. Matt Ryan will not do that. Matt Ryan is ‘not that guy’. It’s simple.”

Guys like Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady… those guys are “that guy”, Jamie says.

According to Dukes, no one could have predicted that Matt Ryan would not “be that guy” coming out of Boston College. “Most of the time you can’t tell until they get a few seasons under them; ie. Mark Sanchez”.

The Falcons fell to 2-9 and securd their first losing losing season since 2007. What do you guys think? Is Matt Ryan simply “not that guy”?


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