AUDIO: The Week In Review (As We Know It) – Nov 08, 2013

The Week in Review As We Know It (on the Morning Show)

A weekend full of ugly football
We’ll start with Georgia-Florida, absolutely terrible

Noles beat the Hurricanes, 41-14
Falcons got their ass kicked, Matty with a pick six
Rodgers broke his collarbone, call Brett Farve
I’m pretty sure the Hawks played, a bunch of really late games
Dolphins under fire for harassing Jon Martin
Incognito left him messages with expletive names
A Kentucky Runner thought that she would go to hell for wearing number 666

We can all agree that 80s movies were the real deal
Free throw contest SHAQUILLE O’ NEAL!
Randy and his Snap On, Hey where the hell is Sean?
Biff Tannen, Johnny Lawrence,  O’Doyle RULES!
The Falcons need to win so I can sing something different next week…but it’s looking bleak.

It’s the week in review as we know it
It’s the week in review as we wrote it
It’s the week in review as we know it
On the Morning Show

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