Washington (WAOK/AP) — A new measure designed to provide a large spectrum of who poverty is affecting and how many are being affected has found that over 3 million more people are being affected by poverty than the official government number has stated. The findings from the measure show that an astounding 1 in 6 American people that are considered living in impoverished conditions due to out-of-pocket medical costs and work-related expenses. According to the new measure, in 2012 49.7 million people were actually impoverished yet the official record states that only 46.5 million were.

The measure to calculate the number of impoverished people in the United States was put into action by President Barack Obama two years ago and is often considered to be much more reliable due to the adding of factors such as living expenses and effects of government aid, however the number still does not replace the official number that the government produces to the public. Administration for President Obama has not made mention of a switch to this new measure from the old poverty formula.

The poverty formula is used to decide who is allocated federal dollars and safety-net programs such as Medicaid and food stamps. In order for the new measure to be adopted Congress would have to agree on the adoption of it, which would subsequently result in higher poverty rates and higher government pay-outs for programs designed to aid the impoverished.

Written by Sherman H. Smith Jr (WAOK/Intern)


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