Another whacked week transpired in the NFL this weekend as we uncovered our second closeted bigot this season.

Rodney King once infamously asked and said it best, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Miami Dolphin OG Richie Incognito is living up to the acronym as an indefinitely suspended Original Gangsta.  Is it me or is there something in the Gatorade?

John Fox passed out in his old Carolina stomping ground but fortunately the docs detected he was not faint of heart and just needed little repair.  And not to be outdone on Sunday night, Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak had an episode at halftime that led to a ride in patty-wagon, which is usually reserved for players who actually have issues on the field.

The succession of these incidents begs this question: Who has the most difficult coaching or managing gig in sports? (Comment below)



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