Food Stamps To Be Cutback Soon

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Photo by Jean Ross CBS Radio

Photo by Jean Ross CBS Radio

Atlanta (WAOK/Fox 5) — Millions of families in Atlanta and across the nation are coming to grips with the adjustments that will soon be made to the food stamp program. Beginning November 1, 2013, the federally funded SNAP or food stamp program will be significantly cut.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the average household receives $275 per month in food stamps and due to the cuts, an average family of four will lose roughly $36 per month.

Elisabeth Omilami – President and CEO of Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless – says that to struggling families, a $36 a month loss is devastating and will have an effect on families and community organizations that provide help. “We’ll have less food available because more people will be coming here to get emergency food.”

A recent U.S.D.A report states that approximately 48 million Americans rely on the food stamp program.

V-103 and WAOK will hold our annual fundraiser for Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless in November. The organization annually feeds thousands of people for Thanksgiving, Christmas and throughout the year.

Written By Sherman H. Smith Jr (WAOK/Intern)

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