When I was approached at first to take on this “Men’s fashion blog” last week I first thought it was because I am from the west coast and know a few things on fashion. But then I looked down at what I was wearing and I understood why.

But before I get into this I will tell “you guys” or y’all as southerners say it (I am from the west coast, Los Angeles to be exact, and no I am not a hippie) who I am. I played division 1 basketball for Loyola Marymount and was consumed by fashion from day 1 when I entered my freshmen year. So there’s that.

Now back to the blog! Where was I? Oh the reason I am writing this now, I was asked to write because I normally dress a little differently than most in the office and I tend to stick out on most days.

This week I will be talking about layering clothing, due to the fall and winter seasons that is quickly approaching. These tips can help you stay warm at certain sporting events (i.e. College/University, High School, or even little league games). I know that a lot of guys out there don’t understand the whole concept of what “Layering” is. It is most likely viewed by the average man as when we were all toddlers and our moms put so many jackets and sweaters on us that we could move our arms! But this isn’t the case these days. Layering up is just the idea of different colors and textures blended into each other. With this post of my weekly men’s fashion blog I will be tackling some issues and ideas for the everyday man.

So I have come up with 7 basic rules of layering for men:

Rule #1: Thinner clothes first: The first rule is straightforward and logical: the closer to your skin, the thinner the material. That said, make sure to start with items that are made from thinner fabrics such as a cotton T-shirt or dress shirts and then layer them with heavier items such as a wool sweater, a corduroy blazer, or a leather jacket.

Rule #2: Define the layer: A layer is essentially any item that can be worn on its own and look great. In other words, wearing a tacky wife beater underneath a stylish dress shirt does not qualify as cool layering.

Rule #3: Keep it casual: Layering is best used for casual occasions and is generally not appropriate in more formal settings. Keep in mind, however, that a layered combo can include one or more classy pieces, such as a tailored blazer and a fine dress shirt.

Rule #4: Always feel comfortable: As a general rule, you shouldn’t wear anything that feels uncomfortable. With that in mind, if you can’t put your arms all the way down to your sides or scratch the back of your ear, then your layering combination is most likely too thick and therefore, far from trendy. Add some color, keep it cool, and check out three examples of layering for three different occasions…

Rule #5: Mix in some color: Just because the mercury drops, doesn’t mean you have to put a freeze on your color selection. Black, brown, navy, and gray are all great fall/winter colors, but so are lime green, purple and fuchsia…well, at least when worn and combined properly. Be fearless and don’t hesitate to spice up your look with a little color.

Rule #6: Layering is practical: In general, you’re better off wearing two or three thinner layers of clothing rather than one thick one — especially during fall, when the weather can fluctuate drastically.

Rule #7: Jacket not required: Last but not least, remember that layering must not necessarily include jacket.

One more quick tip: Everything doesn’t have to match guys, sometimes the bolder items that you can wear (different colored socks, pocket square/tie and even one of the layers on that can bring out a different dimension on whatever you’re wearing.

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