(WAOK/CBS Atlanta) — Signs have been placed to alert drivers that the 50-cent toll plaza on GA 400 will be demolished beginning Friday. The Governor announced the toll would be removed in 2012, a year after state officials planned in 2011 to lift it, but continued to charge drivers.

While work will begin on Friday, the toll will not be lifted until near Thanksgiving. Work to physically remove the plaza is slated to begin in January and be completed by the fall. Patti Lance, a commuter driving on GA 400 to shop in Buckhead asked “I think it’s well overdue, isn’t it?”

Drivers will be shifted to various lanes as the state completes the four phase project. The first step in removing the tolls is to re-stripe lanes and remove or change signs. According to the Georgia department of Transportation, most of the work will be done on nights and weekends to minimize the impact on drivers.

“I think it’ll probably ease congestion because it’s a bottleneck as far as the tolls backing up,” said Josh Hughes. “I think it will be helpful.” Even with most of the work not being during daytime hours, the prospect of saving time and money has many commuters excited about the removal of the tolls. Jack Preston said that he travels “400 every day to go to work so, you know, that $1 a day does make a difference.”

Written by Sherman H. Smith Jr


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