(CBS ATLANTA) — A lack of pop culture knowledge and tech savvy skills are keeping parents out of touch and “uncool.”

In a study of 2,000 parents of children aged 13-25, commissioned by Modern Family — ahead of the release of the show’s fourth season on Blue-Ray and DVD – not knowing what is number one in pop music, not being able to work an iPhone and not knowing lyrics to popular songs are all old-fashioned factors for parents.

Four-in-ten parents said they are out of touch with the younger, more technological generation. One-in-four stated that they believe their children see them as “very uncool.” Eight-in-ten parents said it is simply inevitable that parents will be “uncool” at some point in their children’s lives.

“I’m sure many parents worry about what their children think of them as they get older, especially nowadays when there are so many new technologies and celebrities to keep up to date with,” a spokesman for Modern Family, told the Telegraph.

“No one wants to be the uncool and old-fashioned parent that all the kids find amusing. But it’s inevitable that at some stage, your children are going to look at you as anything but hip and trendy – the same as most of us thought about our parents at some stage.”

Other “uncool” factors: Parents’ fashion sense, being a smoker, boasting about children on Facebook, not knowing who Harry Styles is — and not knowing what “twerking” means.

Tattoos also played a multi-dimensional role of “cool,” with having a tattoo, not having a tattoo, and not letting children have a tattoo all making the list of “uncool” factors.

The study also found that three-in-ten parents actually read up on celebrity, pop culture and social media information to keep up with their kids.


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