Have you heard the news about the little 9-year-old boy who sneaks on the plane to go to Las Vegas? Apparently Little Rusty, as DB calls him, catches a ride to the Minneapolis airport. He then slips through security by blending in with another family, orders food from the airport restaurant and leaves the bill, and finally gets on a plane to Las Vegas without having a ticket. The crew on Delta Flight 1651 noticed the young man traveling alone and alerted the authorities before landing in Vegas. It was later known that he was trying to meet a person he met through and online video game. Official further stated that the young man was troubled and was also accused of stealing a car.
Then DB also brings up the story about the 10-year-old who stole his mother car. His motive was because he was angry with his mother. Check out the news story below

So what do you feel they deserve for their behavior? Do they need counseling or just a good old butt therapy? Click on the links below to hear others reactions to the two stories.


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