I know you were in the poker room all weekend and probably didn’t get a chance to see our game against Tennessee…

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that we won.  The bad news is we let those guys take us to OT and we only won by a field goal.  That’s right.  AND we dropped in the AP Poll.  AND everyone got hurt.  Three guys (and a punter- but whatever) got knocked out of the game.  It was so bad that at one point I had to run the ball for 50+ yards. (My lungs burned SOOOO bad after that LOL)

Yeah, so we lost Keith Marshall, Michael Bennett, and Justin Scott-Wesley during the game….and then we found out that Keith and Justin are out for the year!  That’s terrible!  Factor in Todd Gurley’s ankle, and Malcolm Mitchell’s knee…Chris Conley and I are pretty much the only guys left on offense (OMG!.)

So yeah, even though we beat UT 34-31…this new song is somber, man.   I really needed to explore my feelings about losing my teammates to injury.  Also, I’ve been listening to this band from Athens called R.U.M (or R.P.M or something).  Their singer is a guy named Michael STRIPES…he hangs out on campus from time to time, selling CDs and weird smelling cigarettes.

Anyway, R.P.M. was a huge influence on this latest track.  It’s called “EVERYBODY’S HURT”.  The subject matter is pretty self explanatory.

Thanks again for being there for me, bro.


Everybody’s Hurt

When we faced the Vols
the other night, Mark Richt against Butch Jones
Tennessee sure played us tough
In overtime, we held on

They dropped us in the polls
Now we have to improvise
’cause everybody’s hurt

Three Guys

A couple of the injuries are severe
Scott Wesley and Marshall out for the year
Who will catch my throws? (and Hold on, and hold on)
Conley is my bro (Hold on)
but the other guys are scrubs
Of this life, we’ll play on

Everybody’s hurt
We’ll need a strong defense
‘Cause Everybody’s  hurt

Listen on Mobile Device here: AMURR- EVERYBODY’S HURT


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