AUDIO: “The Week in Review (as we know it)” for 9/27/13


Another week is in the rear view
The Falcons went to South Beach, the record fell to 1-2

Gotta have a run game, everyone is concerned
Can’t find the end zone, when they’re in the red zone
The Local boys locking up the NL East
Your Braves Division winners, first time since 05
NC Double A reduced the fines on Penn State
Josh Freeman benched in favor of a Ginger named Mike
Jacoby Jones had a stripper break a 30 liter bottle on his head

The other night a Brewer Cadillacked a homer at the Ted
Benches cleared out, CUSS WORDS WERE SAID!
Redskins Name Change, everybody just complains
San Francisco beat the rams, BOOM!
Jason Bailey claims to be six foot three in height? Right

It’s the week in review as we know it
It’s the week in review as we wrote it
It’s the week in review as we know it
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