For the first time since 1996, the Giants are 0-3.

That team was unimpressive. It finished 6-10 while quarterback Dave Brown completed 53.8 percent of his passes for 12 touchdowns and 20 interceptions and the team’s leading rusher, Rodney Hampton, scored one touchdown all season. The 2013 version of the Giants? They look like pretty unimpressive as well.

Their offensive line has played horrendously, they have no running game, quarterback Eli Manning has been brutal, and the secondary can’t make a play. Other than that, things are great.

Before the game, the thought process for Giants apologists went that even though the Giants were 0-2 for the first time since 2007, they could rebound and win the Super Bowl, just like they did after the 2007 season.

But this year’s team played so poorly in its 38-0 loss to the Panthers it’s laughable to think New York will even get a shot at making the playoffs.

And unfortunately for the Giants, there are some interesting (in a bad way) numbers that we feel compelled to show you.

First, a chart, via Pro Football Reference, showing you the only times in Giants history that they’ve lost by at least 38 points. Notice that they haven’t done so since 2003 (obviously, this is the worst loss in the Tom Coughlin era) and that they haven’t been shutout by so much since 1973.

FYI, PF stands for Points For, PA stands for Points Against and PD stands for Point Differential.

Rk Tm Date Opp W# Result PF PA PD
18 NYG 2003-12-14 @ NOR 15 L 7-45 7 45 -38
37 NYG 1973-11-04 @ OAK 8 L 0-42 0 42 -42
49 NYG 1966-11-13 @ RAM 10 L 14-55 14 55 -41
50 NYG 1966-09-18 @ DAL 1 L 7-52 7 52 -45
60 NYG 1953-12-06 @ CLE 11 L 14-62 14 62 -48
61 NYG 1952-11-30 @ PIT 10 L 7-63 7 63 -56
66 NYG 1948-10-10 @ PHI 3 L 0-45 0 45 -45
71 NYG 1943-11-14 CHI 6 L 7-56 7 56 -49

So, that’s bad, but here are a few other stats that probably will turn the stomachs of Giants fans.

With 13:19 left in the second quarter, the Giants had allowed six sacks. That’s .35 sacks per minute.

The Panthers’ seven sacks overall Sunday tied a team record. Crazy, because the Giants actually allowed only 20 sacks for all of last year, which was the league low. — via Ross Tucker

At one point, the Panthers had accumulated 24 points while the Giants had recorded just 18 yards. — via Tommy Tomlinson

The previous biggest loss in the Coughlin era was a 37-point defeat to Minnesota in 2009.

Out of 115 teams that have started 0-3 since 1990, only three have gone on to make the postseason. That’s a robust 2.6 percent.

On to the rest of the league.

0: The number of wins combined for the Giants and Redskins through six games. Just like all of us would have guessed. Via Elias, this is the first time in history both teams have gone 0-3 to start the season. The NFC East, it’s fantastic.

0: The number of times the Chargers have lost to a team called the Tennessee Titans before Sunday (via Spreadapedia). San Diego last lost to that franchise in 1992 when the Titans were known as the Houston Oilers. The last time the Chargers had lost to a team called the Titans was Oct. 28, 1962 when they fell to the New York Titans in an AFL tilt.

0:12: This was the amount of time it took for the Bengals to score two touchdowns vs. the Packers in the first quarter. Of course, it took them another 35:18 to score their next touchdown after that.

1.000: The all-time winning percentage for Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer since he joined the squad. This makes him, statistically-speaking, the best quarterback of the last 19 who have played for Cleveland since 1999. In second place on the list: Jake Delhomme’s .500 record when he went 2-2 as the starter. — via Tony Grossi

2: Losses for the 2013 Falcons, who didn’t lose their second game last season until Dec. 9.

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