On Powertalk with Lorraine Jacque-White today was Talkback Friday , but all our callers wanted to talk about was this controversial and shocking story revealed during ‘secret’ week on ‘The Talk,’. Julie Chen one of the host on the day time talk show, The Talk revealed that she had plastic surgery on her eyes to make them look bigger when she was 25 years old.

Chen revealed on a Sept. 11 episode of “The Talk” that she had the surgery after facing pressure from her superior and a “big-time agent” to look more “relatable” to viewers. After encountering racism in the workplace when she was a local news reporter in Dayton, Ohio, she felt compelled to alter her appearance for good. Chen tells her story in details of this incident that she will never forget.

When Julie asked her news director if she could fill in for anchors who were away on vacation, he said, “You will never be on this anchor desk, because you’re Chinese.” Julie, 43, adds, “He said, ‘Let’s face it, Julie, how relatable are you to our community? How big of an Asian community do we really have in Dayton? … On top of that because of your heritage, because of your Asian eyes, I’ve noticed that when you’re on camera, when you’re interviewing someone, you look disinterested and bored because your eyes are so heavy, they are so small.” Chen was “very insecure” at the time and the criticism hurt her immensely. ”It felt like a dagger in my heart,” she says. ”It was racism.”

Discouraged, Julie started looking for a job elsewhere, only to be told by a “big-time agent,” ”I cannot represent you unless you get plastic surgery to make your eyes look bigger.”

Julie finally gave in and got the surgery, and she revealed the shocking before and after pictures on The Talk, a very “dramatic” change you can notice the difference ”The eyes are bigger. I look more alert. … more expressive.”

“Now, it’s like I sometimes wonder, but I will say after I had that done everything kind of, the ball did roll for me,” Julie adds. “I struggle with, ‘Wow. Did I give in to the man in doing this?”

Our Powertalk audience called in to voice their opioins majority felt they can relate and understood the affects of racism in there work enviroment ,especially our young black women facing similar discrimination issues in a western style society. Chen faced this kind of racism and felt she had to change who she was. Callers could not believe someone needless to say her boss gave her a choice to choose between her career or who she was as an individual, her culture, her appearance. They thought it was awful insensitive and just plain ole inconsiderate.

I don’t like to live with regrets. I did it. I moved on. No one’s more proud of being Chinese than I am.” stated Julie Chen

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