On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques- White today we had an amazing show, in remembrance to 9/11 we dedicated our show to the victims on The 12th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Therefore to move forward, change and build the mind set of today’s generation; The CNN reporter Don Lemon had a controversial statement that grabbed our audiences attention, he has a new found perspective on “The New Black Leaders” of today.

Who are America’s black leaders? Not the activists, or entrepreneurs, community mobilizers or preachers. According to Don Lemon, the new black leaders are the Waka Flocka’s, Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s of the world. He insisted that the burden of leadership in the community has shifted. Lemon strongly believes if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, Lemon says King would likely align with the present-day entertainers because of their influence on the black community.

“Why am I so sure about that? I want you to ask yourself the last time you heard a young person walking around singing a church hymn?” “So that’s why in my work as a journalist, I constantly challenge and urge the rap, hip-hop and music power brokers to step on to the stage of positive influence and into the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream, because whether they realize it or not they are the new breed, they are the new black leaders. They are the influences of our time. And I don’t mean that I challenge them in a negative way. I mean that in the best possible way, that their names can too be one day be worthy of boulevards, and avenues, and streets.

Yep, you Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, you T.I., Luda can be the next Harry Belafonte of the struggle. Beyoncé, Rihanna, you can be the next Lena Horne or Mahalia Jackson; of course, in your own way.” Lemon addresses the controversial statements.

According to our Powertalk audience they had mix feeling about Lemon’s statement.

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