What did your last vehicle “forget”?

Whatever it was, you’ll probably find it on the all-new Acura RLX.

This vehicle is packed with high-tech features.

And “tech” seems to be the direction that Acura has chosen to pursue in this, their flagship sedan.

The new RLX “Tech” has things like all-wheel steering.   That’s right.    Steering.

Your  rear wheels pivot 1.8 degrees in each direction…allegedly making high-speed lane changes a bit quicker, more controlled, and safer….and also making low-speed parking a little easier, too.

But the new RLX doesn’t stop there. You also get not just a rear-view camera, but a mulit-angle rear-view cam…along with the now-expected lane-departure warning system, forward-collision warning, premium audio, perforated and heated leather fronts, blind-spot info, folding side mirrors, driver recognition, Pandora interface and more.

The multi-view cam allows you to see objects too low to be seen though the rear window, plus it has a 170 degree wide-angle lens to help spot approaching objects, plus an overhead view to help in parking.

Need more tech?   The power lumbar not only goes in the expected in-and-out positions, but up and down, too.

And then there’s the “his and her” 2-driver memory for seats, steering and mirrors.

Again….the new Acura “Tech” package lives up to it’s name.

As far as “Go Power”, the new Acura RLX comes with a 3.5 liter V6 producing 310 HP, channeled through a 6-speed auto.  Expect 20 MPG city and 31 Highway.   We got high 20’as in mixed driving…with a high of 32 on the road.

So…how much?   Acura’s new RLX starts just under 50K with destination and can escalate into the low 60’s if you check “Yes” to every option package available.

The new RLX is a fairly large car….5 passengers is no problem at all…and it has a trunk to carry those 5 passengers’ “musty-haves” quite easily.

Figure on something in the mid-fifties for the average RLX.   If everybody else is driving E’s and 5-Series, Q’s and Lexi….the new Acura RLX..and it’s distinctive “jewel” headlights…provides the somewhat well-to-do teckie an interesting alternative.DSCN4819DSCN4822 DSCN4821DSCN4823DSCN4824


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