ATLANTA – Today the Atlanta Braves and Major League Baseball released their tentative schedule for the 2014 season. A finalized schedule with start times will be released at a later date in the offseason.

The Braves open the 2014 regular season on Monday, March 31, at Milwaukee, with a three-game series versus the Milwaukee Brewers (March 31-April 2), then travel to Washington, D.C., for a three-game set against the Nationals, April 4-6.

Atlanta opens the home portion of the 2014 campaign on Tuesday, April 8, with a three-game set vs. the New York Mets, before playing host to the Nationals for a three-game weekend series, April 11-13.

The Braves play a total of eight interleague series (20 total interleague games), with four series (10 games) taking place at Turner Field. The Braves open the interleague portion of the 2014 campaign with a two-game series at home against the Boston Red Sox, May 26-27. They will also play host to the Seattle Mariners (June 3-4), the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (June 13-15), and the Oakland Athletics (August 15-17). Atlanta will play four road interleague series, including a two-game series at the Boston Red Sox, May 28-29. The Braves’ other American League
road opponents include the Houston Astros (June 24-26), the Seattle Mariners (August 5-6), and the Texas Rangers (September 12-14).

The Braves have a full slate of home holiday weekend series, as they host the Arizona Diamondbacks over the July 4th holiday weekend for a three-game set (July 4-6). The Braves will welcome to town the Colorado Rockies (May 23-25), and Red Sox (May 26-27) over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The 2014 home schedule includes 10 games against National League East Division rivals Miami, and nine games each against New York, Philadelphia and Washington. The Braves host a six-game homestand over the Labor Day holiday weekend, versus the Marlins (August 29-31) and Phillies (September 1-3), and conclude the 2014 campaign with a three-game series at Philadelphia, September 26-28.

The overall home slate features 37 games against National League East Division opponents, 17 games against the N.L. Central Division, 17 against the N.L. West Division and 10 against the American League.

In addition to the regular-season schedule, the Braves are slated to play one exhibition game at the Club’s Single-A stadium, State Mutual Stadium, on Saturday, March 29. State Mutual Stadium is located in Rome, Ga., and the game will pit the Braves’ Major League club against the “Future Stars” (top prospects of the Braves farm system).


Monday, March 31 at Milwaukee Brewers
Tuesday, April 1 at Milwaukee Brewers
Wednesday, April 2 at Milwaukee Brewers
Thursday, April 3 OPEN DATE
Friday, April 4 at Washington Nationals
Saturday, April 5 at Washington Nationals
Sunday, April 6 at Washington Nationals
Monday, April 7 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, April 8 New York Mets
Wednesday, April 9 New York Mets
Thursday, April 10 New York Mets
Friday, April 11 Washington Nationals
Saturday, April 12 Washington Nationals
Sunday, April 13 Washington Nationals
Monday, April 14 at Philadelphia Phillies
Tuesday, April 15 at Philadelphia Phillies
Wednesday, April 16 at Philadelphia Phillies
Thursday, April 17 at Philadelphia Phillies
Friday, April 18 at New York Mets
Saturday, April 19 at New York Mets
Sunday, April 20 at New York Mets
Monday, April 21 Miami Marlins
Tuesday, April 22 Miami Marlins
Wednesday, April 23 Miami Marlins
Thursday, April 24 OPEN DATE
Friday, April 25 Cincinnati Reds
Saturday, April 26 Cincinnati Reds
Sunday, April 27 Cincinnati Reds
Monday, April 28 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, April 29 at Miami Marlins
Wednesday, April 30 at Miami Marlins
Thursday, May 1 at Miami Marlins
Friday, May 2 San Francisco Giants
Saturday, May 3 San Francisco Giants
Sunday, May 4 San Francisco Giants
Monday, May 5 St. Louis Cardinals
Tuesday, May 6 St. Louis Cardinals
Wednesday, May 7 St. Louis Cardinals
Thursday, May 8 OPEN DATE
Friday, May 9 Chicago Cubs
Saturday, May 10 Chicago Cubs
Sunday, May 11 Chicago Cubs
Monday, May 12 at San Francisco Giants
Tuesday, May 13 at San Francisco Giants
Wednesday, May 14 at San Francisco Giants
Thursday, May 15 OPEN DATE
Friday, May 16 at St. Louis Cardinals
Saturday, May 17 at St. Louis Cardinals
Sunday, May 18 at St. Louis Cardinals
Monday, May 19 Milwaukee Brewers
Tuesday, May 20 Milwaukee Brewers
Wednesday, May 21 Milwaukee Brewers
Thursday, May 22 Milwaukee Brewers
Friday, May 23 Colorado Rockies
Saturday, May 24 Colorado Rockies
Sunday, May 25 Colorado Rockies
Monday, May 26 Boston Red Sox
Tuesday, May 27 Boston Red Sox
Wednesday, May 28 at Boston Red Sox
Thursday, May 29 at Boston Red Sox
Friday, May 30 at Miami Marlins
Saturday, May 31 at Miami Marlins
Sunday, June 1 at Miami Marlins
Monday, June 2 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, June 3 Seattle Mariners
Wednesday, June 4 Seattle Mariners
Thursday, June 5 OPEN DATE
Friday, June 6 at Arizona Diamondbacks
Saturday, June 7 at Arizona Diamondbacks
Sunday, June 8 at Arizona Diamondbacks
Monday, June 9 at Colorado Rockies
Tuesday, June 10 at Colorado Rockies
Wednesday, June 11 at Colorado Rockies
Thursday, June 12 at Colorado Rockies
Friday, June 13 Los Angeles Angels
Saturday, June 14 Los Angeles Angels
Sunday, June 15 Los Angeles Angels
Monday, June 16 Philadelphia Phillies
Tuesday, June 17 Philadelphia Phillies
Wednesday, June 18 Philadelphia Phillies
Thursday, June 19 at Washington Nationals
Friday, June 20 at Washington Nationals
Saturday, June 21 at Washington Nationals
Sunday, June 22 at Washington Nationals
Monday, June 23 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, June 24 at Houston Astros
Wednesday, June 25 at Houston Astros
Thursday, June 26 at Houston Astros
Friday, June 27 at Philadelphia Phillies
Saturday, June 28 at Philadelphia Phillies
Sunday, June 29 at Philadelphia Phillies
Monday, June 30 New York Mets
Tuesday, July 1 New York Mets
Wednesday, July 2 New York Mets
Thursday, July 3 OPEN DATE
Friday, July 4 Arizona Diamondbacks
Saturday, July 5 Arizona Diamondbacks
Sunday, July 6 Arizona Diamondbacks
Monday, July 7 at New York Mets
Tuesday, July 8 at New York Mets
Wednesday, July 9 at New York Mets
Thursday, July 10 at New York Mets
Friday, July 11 at Chicago Cubs
Saturday, July 12 at Chicago Cubs
Sunday, July 13 at Chicago Cubs
Monday, July 14 ALL-STAR BREAK
Tuesday, July 15 85th MLB All-Star Game
Wednesay, July 16 ALL-STAR BREAK
Thursday, July 17 ALL-STAR BREAK
Friday, July 18 Philadelphia Phillies
Saturday, July 19 Philadelphia Phillies
Sunday, July 20 Philadelphia Phillies
Monday, July 21 Miami Marlins
Tuesday, July 22 Miami Marlins
Wednesday, July 23 Miami Marlins
Thursday, July 24 Miami Marlins
Friday, July 25 San Diego Padres
Saturday, July 26 San Diego Padres
Sunday, July 27 San Diego Padres
Monday, July 28 San Diego Padres
Tuesday, July 29 at Los Angeles Dodgers
Wednesday, July 30 at Los Angeles Dodgers
Thursday, July 31 at Los Angeles Dodgers
Friday, August 1 at San Diego Padres
Saturday, August 2 at San Diego Padres
Sunday, August 3 at San Diego Padres
Monday, August 4 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, August 5 at Seattle Mariners
Wednesday, August 6 at Seattle Mariners
Thursday, August 7 OPEN DATE
Friday, August 8 Washington Nationals
Saturday, August 9 Washington Nationals
Sunday, August 10 Washington Nationals
Monday, August 11 Los Angeles Dodgers
Tuesday, August 12 Los Angeles Dodgers
Wednesday, August 13 Los Angeles Dodgers
Thursday, August 14 Los Angeles Dodgers
Friday, August 15 Oakland Athletics
Saturday, August 16 Oakland Athletics
Sunday, August 17 Oakland Athletics
Monday, August 18 at Pittsburgh Pirates
Tuesday, August 19 at Pittsburgh Pirates
Wednesday, August 20 at Pittsburgh Pirates
Thursday, August 21 at Cincinnati Reds
Friday, August 22 at Cincinnati Reds
Saturday, August 23 at Cincinnati Reds
Sunday, August 24 at Cincinnati Reds
Monday, August 25 OPEN DATE
Tuesday, August 26 at New York Mets
Wednesday, August 27 at New York Mets
Thursday, August 28 at New York Mets
Friday, August 29 Miami Marlins
Saturday, August 30 Miami Marlins
Sunday, August 31 Miami Marlins
Monday, Sept. 1 Philadelphia Phillies
Tuesday, Sept. 2 Philadelphia Philles
Wednesday, Sept. 3 Philadelphia Phillies
Thursday, Sept. 4 OPEN DATE
Friday, Sept. 5 at Miami Marlins
Saturday, Sept. 6 at Miami Marlins
Sunday, Sept. 7 at Miami Marlins
Monday, Sept. 8 at Washington Nationals
Tuesday, Sept. 9 at Washington Nationals
Wednesday, Sept. 10 at Washington Nationals
Thursday, Sept. 11 OPEN DATE
Friday, Sept. 12 at Texas Rangers
Saturday, Sept. 13 at Texas Rangers
Sunday, Sept. 14 at Texas Rangers
Monday, Sept. 15 Washington Nationals
Tuesday, Sept. 16 Washington Nationals
Wednesday, Sept. 17 Washington Nationals
Thursday, Sept. 18 OPEN DATE
Friday, Sept. 19 New York Mets
Saturday, Sept. 20 New York Mets
Sunday, Sept. 21 New York Mets
Monday, Sept. 22 Pittsburgh Pirates
Tuesday, Sept. 23 Pittsburgh Pirates
Wednesday, Sept. 24 Pittsburgh Pirates
Thursday, Sept. 25 Pittsburgh Pirates
Friday, Sept. 26 at Philadelphia Phillies
Saturday, Sept. 27 at Philadelphia Phillies
Sunday, Sept. 28 at Philadelphia Phillies


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