After UGA’s victory over South Carolina on Saturday apparently Aaron Murray had some free time on his hands so he cranked out another gem for The Morning Show. Here’s the email he sent in as well as the mp3.

Listen on a mobile device: Aaron Murray- BEAT DOWN SOUTH CAROLINA


OMG! Can you believe it? We actually beat South Carolina! That’s like the first time in 3 years we’ve been able to do that! They were ranked like #6 in the polls AND WE SLAYED THEM! I’m not sure what all the hype was about… that Javon Clownery guy only sacked me once. I thought for sure he would have knocked my head off like he did to that guy for Michigan… at least that’s what everyone was saying! I even DVR’d the game to see if Coach Spurrier threw his visor! (I didn’t see him do it, but I know he was mad! LOL ROFLMAO!)

If you watched the game, you know how spectacularly I played. FOUR Touchdowns? That’s crazy. It’s not Peyton Manning crazy, but I’d rather have 4 touchdowns and not have a huge head and flip off children than toss 7 TDs and look like that guy. For real!

But anyway, I have to give a ton of credit to Todd Gurley. Imagine growing up with the name “Gurley”. I mean, it rhymes with CURLY… like CURLY from the Three Stooges? Imagine how much he got made fun of when he was a kid. Haha “Curly”. Rhyming is awesome.

The first time I met Todd, I made fun of his name and he took my Economics book and tore it in half! Then he ATE IT! Dude’s a monster. Oh yeah, and the book was a HARD COVER. It cost like $120, but I said it was cool… there’s this chick in my Econ class who’s totally into me so I just borrowed her book the rest of the semester. Plus, I don’t want to mess with a dude who can tear books in half. Todd Gurley is strong. Like those robots who steal old peoples’ medication.

Oh yeah! I took some time to lay down a new song right after the game yesterday. It’s called “BEAT DOWN SOUTH CAROLINA”. I’m really proud of this one. It took me forever to learn the opening riff, but I think I nailed it. Also, there’s some really sweet harmonies and some of the lyrics are in French. I know right, “the language of love” LOL.

I hope you like it… and I also hope you play it on your little radio show. I’ve been getting good feedback. Still hoping put out that Christmas Album around Thanksgiving. The working title is “A Very MURRAY Christmas”. What do you think? Will people get it? Any feedback would be appreciated as always.

Friends Forever!



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