Pretty much everything you’d ever need…or want

Infiniti’s FX 37 is a luxury SUV that can hold it’s own with Mercedes, Lexus, BMW and all the other guys….and does so with almost an old-school charm.   Long hood….bulging muscular fenders…much like Jaguars of old…and lots of leather and wood on the inside.

It comes in several flavors…starting with a 2-wheel-drive 325 HP 3.7 liter V-6 listing at $45,250 with transportation.

Power flows through a 7-speed automatic…with mileage rated at 17 city and 24 highway.    We did manage to squeeze out 24 on a trip to the beach, but figure on something closer to 19 to 22 for a normal Atlanta commute.    And that’ll be on premium.  You could get better mileage, but hey….it’s hard to resist punching Infiniti’s 3.7 every now and then.   It’s a great engine.  It growls a little bit.   And having fun…going fast every now and then is part of what you buy a vehicle like this for….right?

And if you buy it for it’s ability to carry five in total comfort…with SUV functionality….well, you won’t be disappointed there, either.

In base form, the FX comes with leather, moonroof, a Bose 11-speaker sound system, power lift-gate and more.

Add $3,300 more and get quilted leather heated and cooled front seats ( just quilted for the rears ), 20” alloys, and a maple-wood interior.

Another $4,300 gets you nav with real-time traffic, a restaurant guide, voice recognition, front and rear sonar to help with parking, real-time weather and more.

And $2,950 will deliver lane-departure warnings, intelligent cruise control that’ll automatically slow you down if the system thinks that you’re about to rear-end the car in front of you, forward collision warning…much like the intelligent cruise control…and rain-sensing wipers….bringing the total list to $55,800….in line with or less than most of it’s competitors.

All-wheel drive will add only $1,450 more….but will cost you one or two mpg.

Unless you’re towing, or headed up North in the winter, that’s an option that you may not need.

The top-of-the-line 5 liter V8 FX will set you back a little over 60 stacks and deliver 14 – 20 mpg.   The 3.7 is not short on power.   Go for the V8 only if you need to be king of the hill.

One last “hats-off” to Infiniti for designing sound systems…and in fact, their whole screen…to be one that you can actually operate without taking your eyes off of the road.  For those of us who like to change stations often, systems like Infiniti’s can save lives.   Having to take your eyes off of the road and stare at a dashboard screen is just as dangerous as texting and driving.



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