Too Much Truth – To Weave Or Not To Weave

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Credit: Ruslan Dashinsky/Getty Images

Credit: Ruslan Dashinsky/Getty Images

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In Waco Texas, a pastor named A.j. Aamir from Resurrection Faith  decided to take a stand. He stated that he told the women of his church to stop wearing weaves because they are not being real with themselves.

He told the American Preachers that  “our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying.  Grow what the Savior gave ya and leave black beauty alone! Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not In their heads”

He further said, “I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. No. I will not be quiet about this.”

Did he go too far, or does he have a vaid point? Check out the clips below to hear what you missed on Too Much Truth.

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