Thursday on Power Talk, we discussed the recent incident where the R&B superstar Usher’s son almost drowned in the pool in the backyard of his Atlanta home. Usher Raymond V was attempting to retreive a toy from the pool drain, and his arm got caught. The housemaid and the child’s aunt both tried rescuing the boy, but failed. Luckily, 2 contract workers were at the home at the time, and they helped free him from the drain. CPR was immediately performed, and he was rushed to the hospital. Tameka Foster, the child’s mother and ex-wife of Usher, had previously filed papers to gain custody of Usher V and their other child. After the accident, Tameka requested an emergency custody hearing, which has been granted. Many claims have stated Foster wasted no time in calling for the meeting shortly after her son’s accident. From the beginning of their relationship, many have speculated that Foster was only interested in the R&B artist’s wealth and fame. What do you think?

Also, last week we talked about Jay-Z and his remarks towards Harry Belafonte, whom had questioned the rapper’s ‘social responsibility.’ Now, Oprah is speaking out about the situation, stating, “[They] are both right.”



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