On Monday’s PowerTalk, we talked about the incident last month in Florida where three teenagers violently beat up a fellow classmate on the school bus. On July 9th, three 15-year-old boys violently attacked a 13-year-old on the bus, punching and kicking him while another student took cell phone video footage. The footage was recently released, where you can hear the school bus driver yelling for the boys to stop as he continues to drive. He yelled to dispatch, “You’ve gotta get somebody here quick! They’re about to beat this boy to death over here!”

Now, it has been released that the driver, John Moody, will not face charges. Many criticized him for not intervening in the fight, as he could have pulled over and broke up the fight. Moody states that he did all he could, “the three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him.” Moody resigned shortly after the incident. Were Moody’s actions justifiable, or was is resignation warranted?

Another topic we covered was the robbery of Fulton County Commission Chairman, John H. Eaves’ son. His son was held up on his first day of attending Morehouse College. Eaves wrote a letter on his Facebook page addressing the situation stating that he was bewildered and shocked. “ I am not very optimistic about the future of our community, especially when you look at the status of African-American males. Too many African-American boys have access to guns, too many of them drop out of high school, too many of them are in prison, and too many of them place little value on the lives of others.” He further explained, “I hope we will begin to change the dialogue of what OTHERS are doing to us and our communities, but we must focus on what WE can do to change the pathological self-destructive behavior that is occurring within OUR own communities.”

Most callers agreed with Eaves. So, what can we do to create the change that many want to see?



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