50+ MPG. 

Fast and Furious? 

Of Course Not. 

Frugal, Functional and Funky?

Oh Yeah.

Toyota’s Prius C is their smallest and most economical hybrid.

You get four doors + a hatch in the rear…an attractive two-tone interior…and 50….yes….50+ MPG.

The Prius C’s main claim to fame is it’s mileage.    You can expect a legit 45-55 MPG…with any kind of driving.    Highway….city….traffic jams….in “Sport” mode or normal…it always got an indicated 45-55 MPG.   Heck…I even got 57 one time, and wasn’t really even trying.

Like most hybrids today, the Pruis C has a small 4-cylinder gas engine and a battery assist….all coupled to a continuously variable transmission.

No…it’s not fast.   Nor does it have a sporty suspension or handling.

But you didn’t expect that in a car delivering 50+ MPG for less than 25K, did you?

The Prius C can haul….a couple weeks’ worth of groceries from Whole Foods…or a month’s salary’s worth of shopping bags from the mall….thanks to it’s 5-door hatch configuration.

Four passengers?   No problem.   Three kids in the rear?    Maybe.

While I’d have no problem going cross-country in a Prius C, it’s in the city where this car really shines.

Small enough to park easily anywhere…with one flick of the wrist…without that back-and-forth jockeying around that the larger SUV’s seem to require.

And traffic jams may bother you…but not the Prius C.  The engine shuts off when stopped.    In “normal” mode you’ll usually just inch along using battery-only power.

If you can find a base “One” level Prius C, you can get your 50 MPG for $19,940 including transportation.  Another $950 will get you 60/40 split rear seats, a better sound system, and cruise control.   Add another $1,735 and you’ll have a push-button start, nav and Toyota’s E-Tune…plus you’ll be able to add a sunroof.

A range-topping “Four” adds 15” alloys, “soft-tex” eco-friendly heated seats, and heated power mirrors for $1,595.

We tested a “Three” level C with alloys and sunroof…listing for $23,493.

In Toyota’s new “Habanero” color, the Prius C had the perfect “sass” to stand out proudly for what it is….a multi-functional 50+ MPG vehicle…with a little attitude.

One more thing.    The Pruis C has top-rated 5-Star front, side and rollover crash ratings.   That’s an “extra” that you don’t expect in a car of this size.



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