Cornel West: MSNBC & Their ‘Rent-A-Negro’ Phenomenon

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photo by Getty Images

photo by Getty Images

Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White
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Today on Power Talk with Lorraine, we talked about Cornel West’s recent remarks. Over the weekend, activist, professor, and author, Cornel West visited Tavis Smiley’s radio show. Recently, West had called President Obama the “global George Zimmerman” because of the military’s use of drones and how they have killed innocent children, comparing this to Zimmerman killing the innocent Trayvon Martin. Now, he is going after the television station, MSNBC, stating that they are a ‘rent-a-negro’ phenomenon, suggesting that whenever the ‘black’ opinion is needed, they ‘rent-a-negro.’ He further stated that the black people they bring on air have little freedom, as they cannot criticize the President, and they must remain docile. He also claimed that Al Sharpton is still on the ‘Obama plantation,’ which keeps him from being critical of the President. What do make of Dr. Cornel West’s recent comments?


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