Dr. Marla Shapiro joins Rick & Jamie to talk concussions

The NCAA held a concussion summit in April 2010.  It opened the conference with a talk about the concussion rates at NCAA schools and distributed the results of a concussion survey to those in attendance — including some of the organization’s top medical executives.  The results of the survey were dismaying, and — in light of a lawsuit alleging negligence over concussions by the NCAA — potentially damaging, to say the least.  Dr. Marla Shapiro joins The Rick & Jamie Show to further discuss the issue of concussions.  For more on the NFL’s decision to use NCAA concussion suit charges as defense in its own lawsuit, check out  Mike Freeman’s article at http://tinyurl.com/mzojesj.

Dr. Marla Shapiro on Rick and Jamie

Dr. Marla Shapiro on Rick and Jamie

(Photo Credit:  Jony McGuire / WGZC)

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