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Credit: Phil Skinner/AJC

Credit: Phil Skinner/AJC

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Today on Too Much Truth, DB continues to speak on the movement to seek justice for Trayvon Martin. DB first started off by asking everyone to share their expereince from the Trayvon Martin Rally last Saturday here in Atlanta. The phone lines were ringing from many different listeners with different experiences. One caller was 12 years old shared what he saw at the rally.

DB later moved on to the topic about race. During the trial, we kept hearing that the George Zimmerman trial was not about race. However, DB and many of his listeners saw something different. It was obious that Trayvon was judge and profiled because of his race. Now is this a learned practice that starts from childhood, or do people develop judgment of other races from experiences? Check out this link below as it shows how children view their brothers and sisters of other cultures.

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