Extras Casting Atlanta    

“Solace”   (Film) 


(Starring: Anthony Hopkins & Colin Ferrell)

* Men/Women – All Ethnicities  18 to 80yrs


CL Casting

“Single Ladies”  (TV / Season 3) 


* Men/Women – Designer types 

18yrs & Over 

* Men/Women – Musician types

18yrs & Over              


“Kill The Messenger” (Film) 


* “Extremely Thin” Hispanic people

18yrs. & Over

* “Extremely Thin” Light-skinned African Americans

18yrs & Over

* Militia types. Think of someone who could kill you w/one look

18yrs & Over


Tammy Smith Casting

“Blended”  (Film)     www.tammysmithcasting.com

Starring: Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler

* Real Cricket Players – All Ethnicities

18yrs & Over

* Real Cricket fans – for shoot next Monday

18yrs & Over

* African & East Indian Men/Women

18yrs & Over


Bill Marinella Casting

“Drop Dead Diva”  (TV/Season 5)


* Men/Women – Lawyer types w/Professional Business Attire         

21yrs & Over

* Very BIG Men – Bouncer types  

21yrs & Over

* Upscale Convertible Cars – Any color

* Send your pictures in character

& wearing the outfit(s) 


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