The Range Rover Evoque is something that you’d expect a Superhero to drive.

Not Superman…or Batman….of course, but someone like Flash…or The Green Arrow.

Maybe Wonder Woman or Cat Woman.

The Evoque has one of the most unique shapes on the road today.   It’s muscular in a trim, athletic and angular way.

Big bulging grill, flaired fenders….with a roofline dramatically tapering down to a sexy, almost sinister rear end.    Standard 19’s…ours had optional 20-inchers…making it look all the more like it just lept off the pages of some action comic book!

Men love it.   Women love it.    Kids love it.

And why not?   The Evoque is fun.   Fun to look at and fun to drive.

As for the driving, the Evoque comes with a 240 HP 2.0 Turbo four cylinder, and while that may not sound like overkill, the Evoque drives like it looks.   It doesn’t just accelerate, it launches!

Land Rover has the Evoque geared to literally explode off the line in first gear.   It may be a Turbo 4, but it runs like it has a much larger engiine.

A six-speed auto is the only available transmission….and it does it’s job quite well.

On the highway, a one-gear downshift will get you past most traffic, and a two-gear dropdown will push you back in your seat….wearing a big grin.

You can get an Evoque in either a two or four-door version…and even with the four-door, Range Rover has kept the Evoque’s unique tapered body in beautiful shape.

There’s even a little more room in the back than the shape may lead you to believe.    6’1″ fits just fine, as long as you’re not riding on the center hump.

And it’s in the back seat that you’llmost appreciate what looks like the world’s bigest moonroof….stretching virtually the entire length of the roof.

At 171 inches long, the Evoque is what I’d call “right-sized” for the city or the suburbs.

Easy to park, room for 4 or 5, with decent space behind the rear seats.

Range Rover’s Evoque starts at $42,040…and can run into the high 50’s.

Mileage is rated at 20 city and 28 highway….on Premium.

Oh….and as you’d imagine with any Superhero’s vehicle, All-Wheel-Drive is standard.

If you don’t mind people looking at you…pointing fingers…giving you the “thumbs-up” while you drive, you’ll probably be quite happy in an Evoque!DSCN4634DSCN4633DSCN4635DSCN4636DSCN4640DSCN4639DSCN4641DSCN4642


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