ATLANTA (WAOK)-Law enforcement officials around Metro Atlanta say they are prepared for any public protests after the verdict is given in the George Zimmerman trial.

Zimmerman is on trial in Sanford, FL  on a second degree murder charge for the 2012 shooting of an African American teen, Trayvon Martin whom prosecutors say he profiled as a criminal.

Although officials say no protests or riots are expected, the preparations are just a precaution. Spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department Carlos Campos announced on Thursday that the department commanders have met to discuss a contingency plan.

Gwinnett County Police spokesman Edwin Ritter said they don’t see any reason for concern. “We haven’t received any Intel that anything is going to be happening out here,” said Ritter.

Guest Management and security for the World Congress Center made robo calls to part-time workers on Thursday. The company was looking for people willing to report, in case the Congress Center and Georgia Dome required additional security after the verdict.

Jennifer LaMaster spokeswoman for The GWCC  said that because this case has received so much media attention she felt as if it were in the best interest of everyone that they make sure they have the right people in place.

The 1992 verdict in the Rodney King case showed how reactions to a verdict can spread across the country. After three Los Angeles police officers were acquitted for beating Rodney King, riots broke out in several cities including Atlanta.

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