The Sidney Wood Show: I Don’t Want To Take My Husbands Last Name

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Today on the show we read a letter from


“My fiancé has become adamant about me taking his last name after we’re married. I’ve always told him that I was keeping my name for professional reasons, which he’s always been fine with, but now he has a problem with it. He says that my unwillingness to change my name implies a lack of commitment to our marriage, which is ridiculous and just is not true. (We’ve been together five years and have lived together for two.) I’m all-in. I just want to keep my name. I can’t believe this is even a conversation in 2013. Don’t all modern married women keep their names? I don’t want to change my name, so what do I do?” –G.D.


What do you think about this scenario? Guys, would you go for this? Ladies how do you feel about this?

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