Majority Wanting To Lose Weight Aren’t Following A Formal Plan

ATLANTA (WAOK) – The majority of Americans who are hoping to slim down this summer don’t have any specific strategy to shed the pounds. More than 80-percent of the respondents in a new Medifast survey admit they aren’t following a structured weight-loss program, counting calories, working with a trainer, or using a mobile app. In addition, only 34-percent say they exercise at least three days a week. Thirty-percent work out one to three days a week and nine-percent commit one day a week to exercising. Just over a quarter don’t work out on a regular basis. In addition, only 28-percent say they’ve teamed up with a friend, family member, or co-worker in their weight-loss efforts. Nearly three-quarters are relying solely on themselves to remain motivated and focused on achieving their goals.

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