Today on Too Much Truth we talked about the Aaron Hernandez case. Hernandez was arrested and is being held without bond with charges of first-degree murder and several unlawful possessions of firearms, all of which he is pleading not guilty.

On June 17th, Hernandez, 23, allegedly drove friend Odin Llyod, 27, to an industrial park, a mile from his home, and shot him three times. Odin’s body was found the next morning by a jogger.

Prosecutors are claiming that Hernandez orchestrated the crime from the beginning and took steps to conceal and destroy evidence. They claim that the killing was prompted by a fight between the two friends on June 14th at a Boston nightclub. Three days later Hernandez and two other friends picked up Lloyd from his house and drove him to the industrial park where he was killed execution style.

With surveillance camera footage, text messages and witnesses who were working the night shift at the industrial park that heard gunshots, the prosecution had enough evidence to charge Hernandez.

Keep listening to Too Much Truth and we will keep you posted with the latest information from this case.


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