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If you have been under a rock the last 48-72 hours here is whats going on…Aaron 

Hernandez Patriots tight end is being linked to the investigation of the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, a member of the Boston Bandits semi-pro football team. Lloyd’s body was found Monday in an industrial park about a mile from Hernandez’s home.

 It is unclear if Hernandez is considered a suspect in the murder or if he is cooperating with police. I don’t care LET HIM GO NOW! Some media reports Wednesday said Hernandez hasn’t been ruled out a suspect.

So with the recent events surrounding Aaron Hernandez its clear to me that the Patriots MUST LET HIM GO! Not because he is guilty of Murder because I don’t know what his involvement was in this Murder case that he is being investigated for, but because of the perceived image he has and the negative press that he is bringing to the organization. Understand the Patriots have cut better players than Hernandez and as this investigation goes deeper we are finding out things about Hernandez that has to concern the NFL and the Patriots.

Last night Massachusetts State Police returned to the home of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in North Attleboro, Mass., and he was questioned in connection with a murder investigation, Hernandez’s attorney, Michael Fee released a statement that basically said the player would have no comment on the investigation. Why? Because Aaron Hernandez, is part of an ongoing investigation neither we nor Aaron will have any comment about the substance of that investigation until it has come to a conclusion. Wednesday TMZ reported Hernandez was sued by a man who said he was shot in the face by Hernandez after an altercation at a Miami strip club. SI.com reported that NFL personnel sources say teams were reluctant to draft Hernandez out of Florida in 2010 because of alleged ties to gangs in his hometown of Bristol, Conn. These things now look bad upon the Patriots and THEY HAVE TO LET HIM GO!

According to a SI.com report, NFL teams were scared away from the prospect of drafting Aaron Hernandez in 2010 because of connections he may have had with gang members in Connecticut.
From Sports Illustrated:
Hernandez fell to the fourth round of the 2010 draft in part because of marijuana use while with the Gators, something he admitted to NFL teams at the scouting combine when he was a draft prospect, according to several NFL sources.
Personnel sources from multiple NFL teams tell SI that they had off-field concerns about Hernandez. In particular, the questions pertained to alleged gang activity of some of Hernandez’s associates in his native Bristol, Conn. A law enforcement official familiar with Hernandez reiterated concerns about his circle of influence. Combined, the marijuana use and gang concerns worried some NFL teams immensely.
“There were a lot of teams that had him off the board,” said an NFL personnel executive.


Two of Hernandez’s Patriots teammates, one former Patriot and one current Patriot, told SI that they believed Hernandez was seeking distance from past associates in his hometown. “It was a thug life,” is how one teammate described some of Hernandez’s friends, according to SI.

On top of this now Hernandez was sued on June 13 for allegedly shooting a man in the face after getting into an argument at a Miami strip club. The story is Hernandez and Alexander S. Bradley went to Tootsie’s strip club on Feb. 13, left after their dispute, and got into the same car. Hernandez allegedly aimed his weapon at Bradley and the gun discharged, striking Bradley in the face. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE GUN PLAY IN THE OFF-SEASON!
The suit, claims that Bradley suffered major injuries and lost his right eye. He also suffered damage to his right hand and arm, which also required surgery, Bradley also claims in the suit that Hernandez was not licensed to carry a firearm.
“Bradley demanded more than $100,000, but just four days after the suit was filed the case was dismissed.” WONDER WHY?

If the Patriots are smart, and I know they are they will let Aaron Hernandez go.

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