Today on Too Much Truth, DB gets to the bottom of a situation in northwest Atlanta involving a 74-year-old woman. She is being forced to pay $10,000 for a water bill that she is not responsible for. Ms. Betty Favors says that she is fighting the water company because she has not lived in her house for a few years.

Back 2010, Ms. Favors decided to move out of her house and live with her children because she could not afford the bills, which at the time was just a few hundred dollars. So recently the Atlanta Watershed sent her a letter saying that it would disconnect her water is she does not pay. However, the interesting thing about this story is that Ms. Betty’s home is currently being renovated, and the water supply does not turn on. So who is really responsible for the bill?

As the story continues to unfold, DB was able to talk to Ms. Betty Favors on the phone and ask her for her side of the story. If you missed the show, click on the link below.


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