Everyone has been talking about the wedding of Senator John McCain’s son. Not only was it a beautiful ceremony, but it was also full of diversity as his son marries an African-American woman. His son, Jack McCain, married his Air Force sweetheart, Renée Jessica Swift, last weekend in San Francisco. Not only did Senator McCain welcoming diversity into his family, but House Speaker John Boehner’s also welcomed a black son-in-law. Is this a sign that everyone if finally at peace with loving others without judging the color of their skin? Well before you answer, check out this story.

Cheerios has just released a commercial where a little girl asked her mother if Cheerios are good for the heart. When her mother confirms that the cereal is heart healthy, the little girl grabs the box and pours the cereal over her father’s heart while he was sleeping. Sounds like a beautiful commercial right? Well the mother is white, the father is black, and the little girl is biracial. When the commercial was release, General Mills received negative comments and back lash. The comments were so bad that the company decided to pull the ad.

So today on Too Much Truth, Derrick Boazman asked why is it okay for interracial couples to get married quietly, but we can’t advertise it. What is the big deal? It was a beautiful commercial of a little girl expressing love for her father.  It’s clear that many people have still have issues with race, but DB says “love who you want to love.” 

Now while DB feels it’s okay for you to love who you want, he also says don’t forget your history. During the show, DB got a call from a young man who asked, “why can’t we let things go?” Check out DB’s response below.


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