Carl Dukes: Let Me Save You $20

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Put’em Up

I happen to be one of those guys that loves to go to the big summer block buster movies. Every summer I look forward to going to see the biggest movies. Well, last weekend I choose to go see “After Earth” staring Will Smith and his son Jaden, plain and simple this movie sucked and I hate to say that about a movie star who has a history of producing big summer hits, but the director of this movie does not! M. Night Shyamalan! This guy has two good movies in the last 15 years. The Sixth Sense and Signs…That’s it! Guess who directed “After Earth”????? Thats right M. Night Shyamalan. “The Last Airbender” Sucked. “The Happening” did not Happen. “Wide Awake” put me to sleep. “Lady in the Water” he billed it as a modern fairy tale, it sucked too add in “The Village” and you have a bunch of movies that were flops and a lot of hype about a director that has not lived up to the hype. Here let me save you $20 bucks, don’t go see “After Earth” thats 2 hours I will never get back and the last two hours I will ever spend on a M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Put’em Up and tune into “Gametime” starting at 2pm.

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