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Photo by Jean Ross CBS Radio

Photo by Jean Ross CBS Radio

Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White
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On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques- White the conversation continued about the speech President Obama gave at the 2013 Morehouse graduation. Black people feel that President Obama should use his time to speak to the black community “sugar-coating” vs “scolding” them like a caring parent would. Do you agree or disagree with the president’s speech? Also, on Thursday’s we have Dear Lorraine a caller emailed and asked the question: “Should I just move on, knowing that the skeletons in my closet wouldn’t be good for him?” Referring to her celebrity boyfriend.

Hear the part of the part of President Obama’s speech that has started the firestorm:

Listen to President Obama’s full speech at Morehouse graduation:

Break 1:

Break 2:

Break 3:

Dear Lorraine:

Break 4:

Break 5:

Break 6:

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